Our Pedagogy

At The Radiant Spectrum, we adopt a 3-pronged approach when teaching children with special needs:

Teaching special needs children: scaffolded activities

Scaffolded Activities and Tasks that are approachable are important when teaching children with special needs; regardless of their starting points, age, experiences, or conditions. Learning becomes a successful experience from the beginning. Goals set are developmental, and builds on students’ strengths. Support is always accessible to students, so they become proficient, competent, and self-regulated musicians.

structured and explicit teaching

Structured and Explicit Teaching to build skills and bridge gap skills via a 3-step process: modelling, guided practice, and independent practice. Lesson objectives are clear, specific, and well-planned. Concepts and skills are task analysed and broken down into explicit steps for easy learning. Prompts are faded gradually, allowing for errorless teaching, and allowing skills to be built successfully. Skills learned can be generalized outside of the classroom to home and public performance settings.

Individualised Behavioural and Learning Supports

Individualized Behavioural and Learning Supports such as visual and communication supports, physical structure, sensory and motor skill accommodations, positive behaviour supports, and ecological assessments. All supports used are individualized, planned, meaningful, and functional to each student. We seek to understand all students as the person they are, the environment they learn best in, and the instructional style they are most receptive to. Our supports cater to the unique social engagement, emotional and learning needs of how learners with special educational needs learn and process information.

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