The Radiant Spectrum Team

Music Education Therapy at the The Radiant Spectrum is conducted by our dedicated teaching team. Equipped with truckloads of patience and experience in teaching children with special needs, our educators are driven by a common philosophy that every child has the ability to learn and it is our responsibility to figure out what the best way is. Although similar at the core, each of our teachers bring their own flair, specialisation and teaching style to lessons. Students are matched with the most suitable teacher during the trial assessment to ensure a strong therapist-child relationship.

“If a child can’t learn the way we teach, maybe we should teach the way they learn.”

– Ignacio Estrada

Ms. Samantha

Principal, Founder

Principal Samantha has coached more than 80 children with special needs over 14 years of teaching music. Her deep understanding of the way children learn, especially those with special needs, has resulted in the development of a robust and effective curriculum at The Radiant Spectrum.

“With music, I saw how much potential these children have, and all it took was for us to give them a chance at learning. While working with young children with special needs, I realised I thoroughly enjoy figuring out how they learn. And I believe that if my student doesn’t understand something, the failure lies with my poor teaching or explanation.”

Ms. Jacklyn

Senior Special Education Teacher

Teacher Jacklyn works primarily with students with moderate to severe Autism. She has more than 8 years of experience teaching children and assessing the needs of children with Autism.

” Working mostly with children and young teens with autism throughout my career has been a life-changing journey. My students and coaches have changed me in ways like no others have. I am now on a journey to apply my experiences in new settings of music education to reach out to those who cross paths with me.”

Ms. Georgina

Special Education Teacher

Teacher Georgina specialises in working with students with mild to moderate ADHD, intellectual disability, motor skill delay and speech delay.

“The piano is a beautiful instrument with endless creative possibilities and a boundless reach. Just as it is universally loved, it should also be universally accessible – anyone who wants to learn how to create music using a piano should be able to do so, regardless of their learning needs. During my lessons, I hope to show the beauty of the piano to my students, impart a lifelong skill they can use to enrich their life and have fun!” 

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