Special Needs Music Lessons Reviews and Testimonials from Parents

Are you a parent of a child with special needs? Have you been struggling to find a school to provide quality music education to your child? Do you worry whether the school can accommodate the range of learning needs that your child with special needs has?

Children with autism have been successfully attending piano and music lessons at The Radiant Spectrum. Here’s what parents have to say about their experience with us. Read their honest reviews and testimonials below!

“I think Samantha did a good job on techniques and patience in dealing with these kids as this is very important, and I think she mastered it.”

– Reuben K
review for autism piano lessons

“[Samantha] taught him in a day what would have taken him months to learn! It’s hard for him to pay attention but Samantha’s methods keep him occupied, she redirects him superbly and he is always excited for Sundays… I cannot say enough about this place.”

“She wanted to give these kids… a chance for some semblance of normalcy through their music and tap into their hidden genius potential.”

“Take my word for it – you won’t regret enrolling your kid here!”

– JR K

review for autism piano lessons

Ms Samantha has been providing music lessons once a week for my [autistic] son… he used to have a short attention span and inability to focus. With Ms Samantha’s guidance and music lessons … his attention span has improved considerably.

“Samantha is constantly researching and incorporating new strategies and tools to make her sessions more interesting and fun. This helps greatly to capture [her son’s] attention.

– Camilla R

“Her teaching methods are innovative and effective. She is able to customise her teaching resources to the [special needs] child’s interests and more importantly, she is patient and encouraging.These are the “must-have” traits of a special needs educator.

“Despite his weaker fine motor skills, he is able to play tunes on two hands within a short span of time.”

– Clara S
review for autism piano lessons

[Our son] was very excited and overwhelmed. Through Teacher Sam’s patience… our son was able to improve his focus and concentration given that he has speech delay”

– Judith L
review for autism piano lessons

“My daughter is an autistic child with limited speech and attention span.

After attending a few months of piano lessons, my daughter is now able to read musical notes and play simple songs, I am so proud of her :)”

– Jennifer L

“My kid was able to play 2 hands piano in a period of 6 months thanks to Teacher Samantha… Thanks for the special ways of teaching to my special kid. 

I’m glad I made the correct decision and put him on this journey.

– Irene C
review for autism music lessons

My 4 year old son was acting out horribly… if he was given work that was too difficult he will refuse to do it and lie down on the floor.

Samantha has been patient with my son and gently guided him on his piano journey. She is accommodative … and lets my son lead in his lessons. She pushes him to learn new things… without overwhelming him which causes him to have meltdowns.

“I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a nurturing and patient teacher.

– Jolene
review for autism piano lessons

“I highly recommend The Radiant Spectrum. Teacher Samantha is very attentive and patient with my twins … they even played a duet song together!

– Keenbie K

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Children with Autism can be successful at learning the piano