We bring to life a world where children with special needs thrive in an environment that nurtures their interest in music

The Radiant Spectrum is a music education centre, providing music lessons to children with special needs in Singapore. Principal and founder, Samantha, along with our team of passionate educators have more than a decades’ worth of experience teaching children of varying diagnoses, such as autism and ADHD.  Wondering how music lessons can help your child?

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Increase Focus and Attention
Improve Fine Motor Skills
Encourage Speech and Communication
Improve Memory Retention
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Foster a Love for Learning

Learn more about the benefits of piano and music lessons for your special needs child.

Why The Radiant Spectrum?

image of special needs music lessons singapore piano autism spectrum ASD learning development
Our teachers are trained to support all types of learning needs and disabilities, such as, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), intellectual disability (ID), selective mutism, speech delay, tics, and more.

Autism-friendly environment and supports in place. These include clear and structured tasks, visual instructions, communication supports and sensory accommodations.

In-house curriculum and individualised learning programme for each child.

#TheRadiantChildren Success Stories

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Testimonials from Parents

“My daughter is an autistic child with limited speech and attention span. She likes music and singing. I always wanted her to learn pianno but it is not easy to find a special needs music teacher and fun.”

Camilla Raj

“Teacher Samantha is able to customise her teaching resources to the child’s interests and more importantly, she is patient and encouraging.”

Clara Sng
“I think Samantha did a good job on techniques and patience in dealing with these kids as this is very important, and I think she mastered it.” — Reuben K

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Samantha shares about teaching music to children with special needs in Singapore, on the Parenting Made Special Podcast