The Radiant Spectrum Recital 2022

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After 2 years of pandemic restrictions, our highly-anticipated student recital was held on 9 December 2022! 85 students showcased their talents, and their performances touched our hearts, reminding us of the incredible potential within each individual! We’re immensely grateful for the support and enthusiasm from our community. Your presence, applause, and cheers were felt by every performer on that stage.


C rehearsing for a his performance and learning how to take a bow

R rehearsing for her performance, a duet with Teacher Samantha.

M rehearsing for his performance and how to take a bow!

J rehearsing and learning how to take bow after his performance

K rehearsing his performance and bow

A throwback to TRS Concert 2019 at Yong Siew Toh Conservatory

Our Sponsors

To our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we couldn’t have made this event possible without your generosity and dedication to our cause. Your contributions enable us to continue providing music education to special needs individuals. Thank you for the support!

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