TRS Christmas Concert 2023: All I Want For Christmas

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All I Want For Christmas is… Joy? Love? Acceptance?

The Radiant Spectrum hosted its first ever Christmas concert on Wed, Nov 29th 2023. Starring 15 Radiant Children and Special Guests, the concert featured a heartwarming storyline accompanied by a medley of festive musical performances.

“All I Want for Christmas Is…” followed the story of Ed, a boy diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. Ed, like many of his friends, loves Christmas. However, last year, Ed’s Christmas cheer was dangerously low. Concerned, his friends came together to find ways to cheer him up. Through the process, they discovered the struggles Ed and his family faced during his growing up years and what love and acceptance meant to Ed.

We started the concert with a short Christmas quiz hosted by Teacher Dian and Teacher Ariel!

We were honoured to have Ms Rachel Ong, MP for West Coast GRC & Chairperson for the Purple Parade in 2023 as our Guest of Honour.

 Ms Rachel Ong played a piano piece at the end of the concert for everyone to enjoy!

 Flower bouquets were given to all our young performers as well as our student MC, Aedan.

Our Sponsors

To our sponsors, donors, and volunteers, we couldn’t have made this event possible without your generosity and dedication to our cause. Your contributions enable us to continue providing music education to special needs individuals. Thank you for the support!

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