Is my child too young to start learning?In deciding a student’s readiness to attend lessons, we consider his/her ability to recognize the alphabet and his/her natural love for music. Children who attend lessons with The Radiant Spectrum start from as young as 2 years old.
Does my child need to be clinically diagnosed to start?No. We accept children with or without a formal diagnosis of ASD (verbal and non-verbal), ADHD, or other educational learning needs.
Is there a trial session?Yes, all students will be required to attend a trial session. Parents are welcome to sit in for the trial session.
What are the main areas of focus?Learning the piano improves childrens’ focus and memory retention. Through exploring new melodies, children develop listening and linguistic skills, as well as strengthen their hand-eye coordination. As children progress from playing with only one finger to using both hands to play songs, they develop their gross and fine motor skills. Over time, we see our students develop a sense of motivation to learn more and take on greater challenges.
How long does it take to see results?Each child is unique and will respond to therapy at a different pace. Consistency in attending therapy coupled with home practice achieves the best results.
How will your program benefit my child?In the long run, your child will be equipped with the skill of playing the piano. This opens opportunities for your child to teach in a music school in his/her adulthood, or perform professionally.
How is my child’s curriculum created?In the trial session, we first assess your child’s needs. Our team will then create an IEP for your child, with learning goals for both piano and music theory components. Children with reading and writing needs will be provided with the necessary tools during our sessions.
Can my child participate in the annual concert?Yes. All our students are encouraged to participate in our annual concert!
Can my child register for ABRSM examinations?Yes. Students will have the opportunity to sit for formal piano grading with ABRSM for both piano and music theory.

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