Success Stories


Each of our musical superstars has a unique journey; their every triumph a personal symphony.

Initially, it was hard verifying whether Juliana was retaining lesson content. She was often distracted, running around and did not speak much. However, through interactions and quizzes, we discovered that not only had she been listening, but flawlessly understood what we taught! The source of her distraction was likely boredom because the work had been too easy for her.

So we changed our teaching strategy and increased the level of difficulty in each session. To our joy, she started thriving! Juliana can now sit attentively for a 45-minute session without leaving her seat. She even initiated to learn how to play scales by imitating her teacher, which we gladly seized the moment to teach and to build on her interest.

We first met Andrew when he was 9. Initially, he was reluctant to learn the piano. After his first lesson, he told his mom “Mummy, this is quite fun!” Andrew has the ability to play by ear. This meant that he could play almost any tune after listening to it just once or twice. As such, with his mind racing ahead with the tunes, he would get easily frustrated when his fingers couldn’t keep up in the beginning. We would constantly encourage him to “take it slow, one by one”, and to “continue even when a mistake has been made”. 

Because of his love for music, Andrew put in the time to work on his fine motor skills. Today, Andrew has completed his Grade 1 examination, and has a few compositions under his belt!

From throwing things around during our first lesson (including a pen at our colleague’s face), to now being able to sit down and focus on her note reading worksheets AND excel in them, little Charlotte has progress mightily at her own pace. 🌟 Charlotte is very intelligent with amazing memory, reading, and speech capability. She also has the biggest heart and now gives us the tightest hugs — a huge transformation from our first few meetings. Charlotte has an excellent writing ability and is able to focus very well on her theory assignments. 

Although her attention span at the piano is still relatively poor, we are adjusting her lesson plan accordingly to her progress and gradually training her focus at the piano. Watch the video to see her ace-ing her theory assignment! 🙂

From attempting to take apart the piano when he first laid hands on it, to now being able to play songs on his own without adult supervision, little Gabriel has indeed come a long way since starting with us when he was 4. He couldn’t sit still and would try to pluck out all the piano keys. With patient coaching, he had progressed to being able to sit still and play a full song with his index fingers. 

Today, he is playing with two hands and all of his 5 fingers — displaying amazing fine motor skills. His mom even commented that piano lessons have become a form of therapy for him! Sound on to hear this superstar playing a duet with the teacher with both hands🌟

Joey has worked so hard on learning how to open his hands and play with all 5 fingers. Initially, he was unable to keep his hand open when using his index finger to play.

Within 2 months of patient coaching and hard work, Joey has progressed from playing with clenched fists to now being able to play with his hands open! We are so proud of his determination and progress! Keep on going, Joey 🥳

Little Fynn has an incredible imagination and loves vibrant colours! So we realised the usual black and white music scores was a total no-go for him. Teacher Samantha then had an idea to customise all his scores to colourful ones and began using a colour coded schedule to encourage Fynn to complete tasks.

Seeing all the colours throughout his lesson worked, and now Fynn can read and play from black and white scores!