13 Qualities of a Great Special Education Teacher

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13 Qualities of a Great Special Education Teacher

A great special needs teacher is one who not only teaches effectively but also has the ability to make learning fun. She has the power to stimulate the quest for knowledge in a child and to guide him to reach for greater heights. When it comes to selecting a tutor for your special needs child, look beyond certificates and qualifications and consider if your tutor embodies these qualities to thrive in this field. Here are the 13 qualities of a great special education teacher!

Qualities of a Special Education Teacher
Source: https://online.uwa.edu/infographics/qualities-of-a-special-ed-teacher/
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Classrooms can be unpredictable. Teachers need to be flexible and maintain professional standards in any situation.


Cooperating with other teachers, administrators, parents and community agencies is essential when developing supportive learning environments.

Communication Skills

Teachers advocate for their students’ needs and for resources to help students reach their potential.


People recognize when they are treated with love and respect. Teaching students who have special needs to value themselves and learn more about their disabilities can help educators reach them on multiple levels.

Devotion To Improvement

Teachers should never stop learning and working towards professional development so that they can be role models for their students and their community.

Assessment Skills

Determining a student’s unique strengths and needs is an important part of being a special education teacher. Teachers need to be skilled at assessment and recommending the best course of action for their students.

Knowledge Of Theory And Practice

Educational programs based on a strong understanding of human development, learning theory and professional knowledge are the foundation of learning for children with special needs.

Listening Skills

Great teachers are confidantes, mentors, and advocates for their students. When students know their point of view is valued, their confidence grows.


Creating a structured, well-maintained classroom helps students progress and feel safe. Keeping organized is the foundation of an effective learning atmosphere.


Working closely with people of all ages and abilities requires patience and being a special education teacher is no exception.


Special education teachers must be willing to make mistakes and keep trying, so that they can pass on these skills to their students.


Maintaining high levels of integrity and competence in their work helps children, parents, schools and communities feel respected and valued.


Consistently building trust and respecting confidentiality will help special education teachers reach students and parents.

We are glad that our educators at The Radiant Spectrum embody all these qualities and are deeply passionate about working with children with special needs. Read more about Our Team here!